Our Team

Sarah Rozenthuler

Sarah has extensive experience coaching a diverse range of international clients for more than a decade. She designs and delivers leadership interventions, coaches business leaders and their teams, and facilitates multiple stakeholder dialogues. Her first book, Life-Changing Conversations, was published in the US, UK and Australia (Duncan-Baird, 2012).

As a Chartered Psychologist, Sarah launched her career working for SHL, the leading global consultancy in psychometrics. To broaden her experience, she spent four years earning her living as a street circus performer, juggling fire in the fiestas of Spain. Sarah followed this by working for several years as a consultant psychologist in large organizations including the Cabinet Office of the UK Civil Service.

Sarah has worked with Dialogos since 2008.  She has led in-demand workshops on dialogue for the British Psychological Society since 2009, and consulted to some of the world’s leading organizations. 

Sarah holds a first class degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in organizational psychology and spiritual development and facilitation. She lives in London and travels frequently.