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Leaders who listen

Many of our coaches have experience as leaders themselves, as well as being educators and guides to other leaders.

Primary Coaches

Glennifer Gillespie
Glennifer leads the Dialogos coaching program and provides supervision for Dialogos coaches. She is an organizational development practitioner with over 20 years of experience specializing in organizational learning, coaching, effective team function and dialogue, and women’s leadership. Read more

Skip Griffin
As a Senior Associate at Dialogos, Skip consults with corporations and teams to assist them with effective strategies and the capacity to think together. Skip has a significant background in civil rights, community organizing, and community education initiatives. Read more

Peri Chickering
Peri Chickering is a Senior Consultant at Dialogos, with wide-ranging experience that includes NGO start-up and development, and cross-cultural dialogue and exchange. Her third-sector work has taken her around the globe; she has also worked as a professional mountaineer, wilderness guide, and experiential educator. Read more

Cees Kramer
Cees is the Director of Dialogos Europe and brings a wealth of experience gained during his 30-plus-year international career with a global energy company and Dialogos. His primary interests are leadership development and team dynamics with a specific focus on integrating dispersed systems and aligning teams across boundaries. Read more

Bradley Chenoweth
Bradley is an organizational learning and development consultant, dialogue facilitator, and mediator. He enables leadership groups to develop their knowledge of each other and create new ways of doing business. Read more

Beth Farb
Beth is an organizational consultant and coach who works collaboratively with businesses, educational institutions, and not-for-profit agencies to develop long-term sustainable change through problem intervention, reorganization, planning and development. Read more

David Miller
David teaches, coaches, facilitates and consults with leaders and leadership teams to build their capacity to effect creative change. His work with leadership teams is focused on learning, defining personal and organizational values, articulating strategic priorities, and making effective decisions. Read more

Cliff Penwell
Cliff has over 25 years of experience as a master facilitator, consultant, mediator and teacher. For the past 15 years he has specialized in facilitating change processes and offering leadership training in diverse environments. Read more

Britt Aylor
Britt works with clients to design efficient organizational structures and implement interventions that build skills, shift mindsets and develop leaders to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviors. Read more

Sarah Rozenthuler
Sarah is a Senior Dialogos Associate with over 10 years experience as a consultant. She is a professional psychologist with an in-depth understanding of how an individual can become a psychologically integrated leader. Read more

Kate Isaacs
Kate is a Dialogos consultant and a doctoral candidate in Organization Studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Her focus is on large-scale organizational change and strategy consulting, including diagnosing core problems, identifying levers for change, and designing change strategies. Read more

Marc Rounsaville
Marc works with clients in a collaborative fashion that gives rise to a new level of capacity for professionals operating in highly complex, demanding industries. This transformative approach unlocks the potential for deep and lasting shifts in individuals and groups. Read more

Alper Tengüz
Alper is an executive coach and organizational consultant focused on helping individuals and teams develop the leadership capabilities to solve their greatest challenges. He resides in Istanbul, Turkey and has coached and consulted executives from the US, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and South and East Asia. Read more