Our Coaches

Britt Aylor

As a consultant, facilitator and coach, Britt’s work has been on bridging strategy, leadership, and culture to help leaders and teams accelerate through inflection-point transitions and tackle complex, multi-dimensional challenges. 

Britt couples her analytical and problem-solving skills, developed as an academic, with the care and insight of a coach and advisor to create a coaching style that helps clients release the full potential of individuals and teams. By empowering people, they can contribute more effectively to their organizations’ performance and, at the same time, increase the personal satisfaction they gain from their work. 

Britt holds a PhD and Masters degree from Harvard where she worked with the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Harvard Business School to pursue her studies in organizational behavior with an emphasis on human development within the workplace.  During her time at Harvard, Britt co-taught students with Professor Ronald Heifetz in his experiential class on leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.  

Britt resides in Boston/Cambridge, MA, where she enjoys Boston’s Symphony and Ballet, art museums and the vibrant university community. She is a native speaker of both German and English.