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Glennifer Gillespie

Glennifer Gillespie is a Dialogos Senior Consultant and divides her time between consulting, teaching, and coaching. She is based in the U.S. but also spends several months each year in South Africa. During the transition from apartheid to democracy in the 1990s she served as the Senior Project Manager for the Education Portfolio of the Independent Development Trust, where she was responsible for setting up and managing the National School Building Project and the 1000 Schools Project as precursors to a national nonracial education system. She used a whole-system collaborative approach that engaged partnerships between NGOs, teacher unions, parent organizations, churches, communities, the private sector and government.

Glennifer, along with several colleagues, runs programs, dialogues, and retreats for senior and emerging women leaders in the corporate, public, and NGO sectors.  She consults and teaches the cross-organizational program Leadership for Collective Learning and Action and various other advanced leadership courses annually in South Africa, and partners with the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town, co-leading their Women In Leadership program.

Glennifer served on the South African Government of National Unity’s Culture of Learning Committee in 1995, and contributed a chapter on the transforming power of women’s circles for the book Fabric of the Future (1998 Conari Press, M.J. Ryan, ed.). Her research projects have included co-authoring a learning history of national scenario projects in South Africa and Guatemala for the United Nations Development Program (2000); a report on the impact of mentoring programs on the lives of young women for the Fetzer Institute (2002); and co-authoring a paper with Otto Scharmer for the Collective Wisdom Initiative (2004) sponsored by the Fetzer Institute.

Glennifer’s wide-ranging work has included secondary school teaching, journalism, film and theater reviewing. She holds a Master’s degree in English from the University of Minnesota and a post-graduate degree in Educational Development from the University of Cape Town. Originally from South Africa, she has two adult children and lives in Ashland, Oregon.