Cultivating Leaders

Art of Thinking Together

Access the power of collective intelligence

In organizations, people spend up to 80% of their time in conversation. “Talk” is our key action tooland often a neglected discipline. Changing the nature of conversations in organizations may be the single most powerful way to bring about performance breakthroughs.

Based on Dialogos’ pioneering work in generative dialogue, this two-and-a-half day workshop is designed to deepen your leadership identity, expand your capacity to connect with others, and access collective intelligenceeven in complex situations with multiple stakeholders. The program is highly participative and will introduce you to the tools and frameworks of a dialogic approach through practical application.

A program in strategic transformation for leaders

The Art of Thinking Together is a powerful experience for anyone interested in developing leadership capacity with a greater depth of understanding and the practical skills needed to bring about positive, sustainable change in their organizations.

The program is designed to introduce participants to the framework and tools of our dialogic approach, and develop the ability to apply these tools to real-life challenges. The workshop incorporates a variety of learning methods including short presentations, large group dialogues, small group reflection, reading, video and journaling.

The program focuses on the following key areas:

  • Diagnosing systemic deficiencies and opportunitiesdetecting blockages and developing cross-team solutions.
  • Creating the conditions for open engagement in critical conversations to produce powerful outcomes.
  • Understanding leadership archetypes, how to best engage others and deepen your natural leadership effectiveness.
  • Using breakdowns to break through, to generate pivotal conversations and actions.


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